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All kinds of dogs. If I dont have your breed or colour Just email me your request.

Click on pictures for a bigger view.

Top roe is examples of what i can make with all breeds. (obs! the fullbodie figure in the first picture is best on signs and 3d paintings since some breeds have long slender legs.)


amerikansk cocker spaniel American staffordshire terrier
Anatolian Shepherd
Doggo Argentino Australian Cattle dog
Australian shepherd




Bedlington terrier
Bichon frise Black terrier Bloodhound Border collie Borzoi
Boxer White boxer Bracco Italiano Braque Saint germain Bullmastiff
Bullterrier Cairn terrier Cavalier King Charles spaniel Cesky terrier Chihuahua
Clumber Spaniel Cocker spaniel Dalmatian Danish Swedish farmdog Chihuahua
Dobermann Pinscher Douge de Bordeaux
Irish Red Setter
miniatyre bullterrier




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