Marie Adler design is proud to present the custom made edition of works made for music artists and fans.

The list of autographs on this privatly owned fan art. (custom painted guitar)

1. Johan Wiland

3. Anton Tinnerholm

4. Behrang Safari

5. Erdal Rakip

6. Oscar Lewicki

7. Anders Christiansen

8. Carlos Strandberg

9. Markus Rosenberg

10. Magnus Wolf Eikren

11. Alexander Jeremejeff

15. Pawel Cibicki

17. Rasmus Bengtsson

20. Bonke Innocent

21. Kingsley Sarfo

23. Jo Inge Berget

24. Lasse Nielsen

26. Andreas Vindheim

27. Johan Dahlin

29. Fredrik Andersson

31. Franz Brorsson

32. Mattias Svanberg

33. Teddy Bergqvist

34. Pavel Vagic

35. Samuel Adrian

37. Dennis Hadzikadunic


Daniel Andersson

and trainers

Magnus Persson

Olof Persson

Jens Fjellström

Jonnie Fedel


"This ESP guitar was the first guitar I painted and it was a super cool item to paint. I got a Gus G album cover to paint from. Signed by Gus G in one corner." MA





"Harold from SAGA´s album was another request on guitar painting. The black that was not painted forms a dragonfly together with the neck of the guitar. The band SAGA signed it later on."

HIGH LEVEL leather vest.

Guitar straps....



Daniela Pilic